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Adelante has been a community resource for nearly 40 years. As the organization celebrates this milestone anniversary, Adelante is poised to launch GiveABQ, a service that will positively impact non-profits across New Mexico. 

There are over 10,600 non-profit organizations in New Mexico, offering over 48,000 jobs and $1.2 billion in payroll. Non-profits are growing and helping our state, with $6.5 billion in annual revenues. The success of these organizations can be a key factor in New Mexico’s economy and improve the lives of everyone in the Land of Enchantment. 

GiveABQ will improve collaboration between non-profits to benefit social service work in New Mexico and to make giving easier for all donors, too. 

Start-up operational dollars are being provided through the PNM Fund and Adelante is working with other donors and partners to remodel the GiveABQ site, stock the facility, and get the program into operation in 2018. 


Overview of GiveABQ

GiveABQ is a donations intake and distribution program designed to support multiple nonprofits in New Mexico by providing a single location for donation drop-offs where multiple social service nonprofits can select and get items they need for their organization or their constituents.

The program will be managed by Adelante Development Center, a nonprofit organization with over 40 years of experience. Adelante is an organization that supports people with disabilities, seniors, and disadvantaged populations by providing employment, residential and day services, and other community resources. Adelante will also utilize GiveABQ as a way to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities or others with barriers to employment.  

GiveABQ will offer:

  • Staff members to coordinate and help to operate GiveABQ
  • Warehousing space and software to manage donations
  • A website that allows participating nonprofits to view available items
  • A truck and driver to help with donation pickups and deliveries, with primary service in the Albuquerque Metro Area
  • Volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups


Benefits to Nonprofits

Managing in-kind donations – tangible gifts from individuals or businesses like furniture, dishes, bedding, and more — can be time-consuming to manage and difficult to match to organizational needs. Many nonprofits no longer accept in-kind donations or do so only on a limited basis because of the costs and other challenges involved in accepting those tangible donations. Even non-profits managing donations well struggle with distributing items their organization doesn’t need at the time it is donated. GiveABQ intends to provide a viable solution for donors and nonprofits alike. 

GiveABQ helps non-profits by sharing resources like drivers, volunteers, and trucks, to lessen the work of handling donations. it will be a place where non-profits can turn for office furniture. GiveABQ will also offer a one-stop solution to non-profit case managers seeking resources for their clients who need assistive devices and/or household items or furnishings.
Furthermore, GiveABQ will promote cooperation between nonprofits, encouraging more coordination between organizations and offer community-wide, multi-pronged solutions to community struggles.

GiveABQ is a prime example of what Adelante refers to as Mission LeveragingTM. Collaboration typically involves coordination between organizations with similar missions to achieve better efficiency. Mission LeveragingTM occurs when the diverse missions of several different nonprofits are positively impacted by one activity or program. This is the mindset behind GiveABQ.

Participating nonprofits will be given a certain amount of GiveCoinTM that can be used to get the item they need. They can buy up as members if they need more GiveCoinTM or contribute items or volunteers to earn more. Every GiveCoinTM helps the organization and its clients get what they need -- from clothing to furniture and household items. 

Benefits to Donors

The primary goal of donors is to ensure that their donations get to the organizations and people who truly need them. We realize that donors are generous and caring, but they’d also like the donations process to be as painless as possible.

GiveABQ can support donors by pooling resources to offer quicker pick-up of items, and by sorting and displaying the donated items at one big place where multiple non-profits and their clients can see them, select from them, and make use of them. GiveABQ will also be tracking the larger donations, such as furnishings, in an effort to better coordinate between donated inventory and non-profit needs.

Finally, for larger items, GiveABQ can offer pickups which are very convenient for donors. 

For more details on this programs, please contact:

Jill Beets