Making life less difficult and assisting others makes us feel more alive and gives our lives meaning.

There are various motivations for volunteering:

  • to make a positive impact on another person's life,
  • to stay engaged and active during one's retirement years,
  • to give back to the community for the advantages one has enjoyed,
  • to set an example for our children,
  • as a resume builder or stop-gap when in between jobs,
  • to share one’s hobbies and interests,
  • or to find a bit of immortality ...

Sharing one's time and talents fulfills the need to know that one’s life had importance and that while we were here, yes we made a difference.

Because donating your time and/or money is an important decision, we encourage you to take a look at the ongoing volunteer needs at Adelante to see how you might help to make a difference in the life of fellow New Mexican struggling with a disability.

Adelante appreciates volunteers in our administrative offices and in program locations throughout several counties.  Volunteers and donations of goods and services helps Adelante conserve resources regarding our direct costs.  Check out our ongoing volunteer needs. And, we can always customize an assignment for you that’ll match both your interests and schedule.

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

P.S. Prior to getting you started though, we’ll need you to complete a volunteer application and send it to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Ongoing Volunteer Needs

We’re looking for Volunteer Benefits Assistants                    
New Mexico is one of the poorest states in the nation, yet our participation rate in governmental benefits is lower than many others. You can help people find out what benefits they are eligible to receive as a volunteer at Adelante’s new Benefits Connection Center.
You’ll answer calls and questions and help people complete a benefits check-up, which is an easy to use, computer-based form. We are specifically helping seniors and people with disabilities across New Mexico to be screened and to enroll in government benefits.
To volunteer, you must be able to answer calls pleasantly, following a basic script, and perform administrative tasks like printing and faxing. Typing, to complete computer forms and other data entry tasks, is required. Training on Adelante’s systems will be provided. You must be able to speak clearly and hear well on the phone. English speakers are welcome and bilingual/Spanish speakers are a plus.
Come make a difference in the lives of low-income New Mexicans! Volunteer at Adelante’s Benefits Connection Center.
Call 505.341.7186 or send an email to Volunteer@GoAdelante.org .

Thank you!