Veterans Services

Adelante provides services for people with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities.

Adelante is able to provide services to veterans who are affiliated with or have an open case file with the New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) or veterans who have a Ticket to Work from the Social Security Administration. Services are also available to any person who is receiving SSI or SSDI cash benefits. Anyone who falls into one of these categories is eligible for the following services:

Resume Development
Adelante can help you build a resume that gets you noticed and helps you to translate the skills you gained in the military into civilian business terms.

Job Development Plans
Adelante can help you set goals and objectives by exploring your likes and dislikes, barriers to your employment like transportation, and family issues that may impact your work hours. This type of personal exploration can help you develop clear plans in regard to future employment.

Interviewing Skills
Adelante can teach you the ins and outs of interviewing successfully, like how to dress appropriately for a position, how to answer questions in a way that communicates your skills and knowledge, and how to ask what you need to know in advance of taking on a new job.

Job Development/Business Contacts/Job Leads
Adelante works continually to build connections in the community in an effort to connect the right applicant to the right open jobs in central New Mexico. Our job is to help people with disabilities including disabled vets to find and maintain employment in the Albuquerque metro area or Valencia County.

Job Coaching/Job Support/Job Maintenance Services
In many cases, Adelante is able to provide onsite support to help people learn a new job to aid in their success in a new work place. Adelante’s job coaches are trained alongside people hired through our employment service to help them learn their roles and keep their jobs long-term.

These services are offered through Adelante's EmployAbility division which includes our Employment Services program and Ticket to Work program.