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Ticket to Work: Successful Support & Placements

You can be successful at finding a job even if you have a disability and even if you've been out of the workforce for a long time. At Adelante, our experienced team takes the time to get to know each one of our Ticket Holders so that we can work with their specific employment goals, whether they are hunting for a new career or need help with maintaining a current job. 

Adelante has helped many job seekers with disabilities reach their goals in a wide variety of careers, but our service goes beyond the date of hire. Adelante will help you continue to succeed at work, and navigate through the often complicated process of working while receiving benefits. 

Some of our recent success stories...

Mock Interviews Prepare People for Success with Hiring Managers...

Adelante’s Ticket to Work team worked with a client to help them apply for a new job. The person was called and screened by the company’s HR team and did well enough to get an in person interview, which was great. However, they didn’t feel confident about meeting with a hiring manager in person. To support the job candidate, an Adelante Ticket to Work Employment Services Representative helped them by reviewing the questions the employer asked over the phone and the job seeker’s answers. The Adelante rep then asked the client mock interview questions similar to what the employer might ask, in line with the company’s phone interview. Our satisfied job seeker let us know “the mock interviews were the key factor in preparing me to feel more confident and providing me with the ability to communicate more clearly in the actual in person interview.” It turns out the old adage “practice makes perfect” is true for job interviews, too! If you would like this kind of help on your job hunt, get in touch with Adelante! 
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Improved Employment Success in a Current Job…

Adelante’s service doesn’t end when you become employed. Our Ticket to Work team is happy to help you succeed on the job with your current job requirements. Recently Adelante was working with a client that was having difficulty performing a certain aspect of their job. Specifically the job required writing narratives each day and the employer wanted it done more quickly. Adelante assisted the employee by researching the commonly used language and acronyms associated with the position and created a word reference sheet for the individual to use at work as a cue about the key words in the industry and good things to include in the narratives, to help speed up the process. As a result of this Adelante developed information sheet, the employee/client was able to utilize this assistance aid to complete the task more quickly, and was ultimately commended for their improved performance. The client shared the following with Adelante’s team: “I appreciate your assistance with the reference sheet. It has helped me pick up the pace at work, so I can quickly and correctly complete the task.”  

Employment success in Colorado for someone out of work for a long time ...

"I have not looked for a job in such a long time. Over 20 years. I contacted Adelante's Ticket to Work program and they provided me with job specific cover letter examples. By following their suggestion on using a special technique in finding companies with potential job postings, I was able to find and applied at two contract manufacturers in Colorado. It can be time consuming with all the businesses that turn out to be sales only, but worth the effort. Thanks for the tip, I am really grateful for your support!"

- Ticket Holder in Colorado Springs, Colorado 

"I had called Adelante ticket to work program seeking information on what services they had to offer. Adelante’ s ticket staff representative explained how they provide virtual job development services, how they could identify employers in and around my demographic area, and along with how they profiled a person’s skill sets allowing their staff to create individualized resumes and job specific cover letters. The ticket to work representative also explained the various resources that may be available to me such as WIA, Schedule “A” jobs through the Federal Government, and possible services through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation that may be able to help bridge skill gaps. I had contacted other Employment Networks but none of them had as much knowledge as what was just explained to me. I greatly appreciate the time that you have taken to explain this to me. I think after having our conversation I would like to partner with your Employment Network to reach my employment goals."

 - Ticket Holder in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

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