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Ticket Services We Provide

Adelante has an experienced team that offers 100% confidential, individualized services to each Ticket to Work job seeker. We focus on your capabilities and goals, and customize our services to meet your needs, wherever you are on your path to employment.

Adelante has had success in a wide variety of fields and job types can give you the edge in applying for and finding the right job for you. See our success stories, job categories and wage ranges. 

1. Career Planning: Charting Your Career Path       

  • Identify your job skills and how they apply in today’s job market
  • Exploring your career interests
  • Customize resumes and cover letters that emphasize your qualifications
  • Develop your presentation skills to prepare for talking to potential employers
Mock Interview

2. Benefits Advice & Counseling 

  • Discuss and manage your current benefits 
  • Understanding special work incentives that may apply to you
  • Managing your benefits changes (more on benefits and employment)
  • Up to date news on SSI/SSDI

3. Job Search - Landing the Right Job for You

  • Create personalized tracking tool to help you target specific jobs so you can stay organized in your job hunt
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Match your job skills and goals so you’ll have long-term success
  • Job leads – connecting you to ‘hidden’ jobs that aren’t posted on career sites or job boards
  • The right way to follow up with potential employers
  • How and when to ask for the accommodations you need to be successful at work
  • Adaptive equipment consultation and work site set up

Don’t live close to our offices? No problem.

Adelante can work with you over the phone or via the computer – helping you from the beginning of your job search, through resume creation and employment interviews, all the way to landing and keeping your new career. Adelante is among the largest employment networks supporting social security recipients with Tickets in the United States. We work with Social Security Ticket holders living in and seeking jobs across the United States.

If you have a disability, you are on SSI or SSDI benefits, and you are looking for work, Adelante can help you find a better quality of life by connecting you to the right employment opportunity. And we can continue to support your employment success long after you’ve cashed that first paycheck.

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