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Ken Williams

Ken manages the Ticket to Work program at Adelante and has many years of experience helping job seekers with disabilities manage their federal benefits once they are placed in employment. Ken's primary focus is to help people secure meaningful, good paying jobs in the community. Through collaboration and on-going professional development, Ken has gained the knowledge and skills to provide high quality job development assistance for job seekers with disabilities and has a proven track record of helping people achieve their employment goals. Recognized nationally for his expertise – guest speaking at agencies, events, and Webinars – Ken served as a presenter at the National Ticket to Work conference in 2012. Ken has been a big part of the growth of Adelante’s Ticket program as we expanded from New Mexico across the southwest (NM, AZ, CO, NV, CA, TX), and now nationwide, all while keeping his focus on maintaining the high quality of employment services Adelante is known to provide for people with disabilities. 

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Enriquez McKenzie

Enriquez, the Employment Services Representative for Adelante's Ticket to Work program, is the newest member of our team. He helps people with disabilities identify their individual skill sets, develop professional resumes that communicate those skills, and research the kinds of fields and employers that may be able to use those talents. Prior to working at Adelante, Enriquez had garnered 14 years of experience working with people with disabilities in the telecommunications division of Kirtland Air Force Base where he honed his communication and customer service skills. Enriquez brings his unique insight to help people with disabilities find careers for which they are well suited, as well as developing job leads for our Ticket to Work participants.


Melinda Garcia

Melinda has been employed with Adelante since 1988, and has dedicated her life’s work to connecting people with disabilities to employment. Melinda holds a bachelor of science degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Education from Wright State University in Ohio and a master’s degree in Special Education from University of New Mexico, with a concentration on transition to employment. Melinda began her career working as a direct support professional supporting people with disabilities in a variety of work sites. Today, she is the Director of EmployAbility, the employment division of Adelante which includes Ticket to Work and supported employment services. Melinda was a founding Board Member of the New Mexico Chapter of the Association for Persons in Supported Employment (APSE) and has been responsible for helping hundreds of people with disabilities find and maintain work.



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