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Benefits & Your Employment

Getting back into the workforce can be intimidating for people who have been out of work due to a disability. Plus, there are many half-truths and myths about work, especially in regard to benefits. One of the biggest concerns we hear from potential job seekers is the fear that they may lose all of their benefits if they accept a job and start working. That is not true.  

Adelante can help you plan for and manage your benefits as you return to work. There are a number of Special Work Incentives put in place by the Social Security Administration that provide continued medical benefits. A person is allowed to continue to receive their cash benefits for a period of time while returning to work. 

Guidance on benefits is a big part of our work with Ticket holders because there are multiple types of benefits with different qualifiers, and employment has varying degrees of impact on those benefits. Our experienced team includes knowledgeable staff who can help you extend your benefits while transitioning into the workforce, teach you how to prepare and navigate your benefits through all the stages of employment, and properly report your earnings.

The main goal of Adelante’s Ticket to Work program is to help you return to work and manage the stages of employment so you can increase your independence and improve your quality of life. You can achieve the goal of finding a good paying job, and Adelante can help you not only find employment, but help you discover the freedom and choices that you gain by being employed. Wouldn’t it actually be a nice thing to be less reliant on benefits, and let go of those fears altogether, because you have a steady job and good pay?

Don’t let myths or fears about your benefits hold you back, contact Adelante and get the facts. You can return to work successfully and Adelante’s Ticket to Work team can help. Get started today!