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Good work! You've taken the first step toward starting your next job by finding a Ticket to Work employment network to support your job search efforts. We know it's not always easy for a job seeker with a disability to connect with the right employer, but Adelante has been involved with Ticket to Work for over ten years. We are nationally recognized, affiliated with NENA, and have experienced staff who can help you manage your benefits. Our experienced, caring team of professionals have helped hundreds of people find jobs and maintain their employment. You could be our next job seeker success story.

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Adelante’s Ticket to Work program provides a variety of services for job seekers with disabilities. Adelante can help you identify career interests, build a resumé, develop job leads, improve your interviewing skills, and connect to other resources. Best of all, these Ticket to Work Services are Free to You!

As a Ticket to Work Employment Network, our experienced team can help you evaluate your existing benefits and work toward a goal of having a higher level of earnings. We will help you navigate the complex Medicare/Medicaid programs as well as the Medicaid savings programs such as QMB, SLMB, and QI, while you transition to work. Our final goal is to help you become more independent and to enjoy a better quality of life.

Adelante has been involved with Ticket to Work for over a decade. We began in New Mexico and remain that state’s largest Ticket to Work employment network. Today, we are proud to offer quality employment services nationwide.

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"I was concerned about my inteviewing skills, so I met with the staff and did a mock inverview. They helped me improve the way I responded to questions."

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