Supported Living

Adelante’s largest residential program is Supported Living. Adelante operates over 20 homes in Albuquerque and Valencia County. Some of the homes are owned by the agency, others are owned by the residents, but all of them provide a completely accessible environment with supportive staff members. Nursing, nutritional counseling, and financial training are provided, with round-the-clock care available. The program can accommodate everyone from very active, on-the-go people to those who are medically fragile, but still want the opportunity to live and socialize in the community.

The most important aspect of Adelante’s Community Living houses is that they truly are homes. People involved in the program choose roommates who have similar goals, needs, and interests. The Adelante Community Living staff members take great care to make each person feel at home. Rooms are painted in the person’s favorite colors, with comforters and matching window coverings chosen by participants. Staff members have sewn curtains, painted murals on walls, and decorated each room with care and love, and it shows.

The roommates also set the tone in the gardens and yards of Adelante’s homes. Many have gardening areas for relaxing with porch swings and picnic tables. Yards have accessible ramps and paths so residents can garden, water, and enjoy the New Mexico sunshine. Some houses have pools for recreation and therapy. Each was designed with the needs of people with disabilities in mind, but each home is a reflection of the personal interests and desires of those who live there.

Like roommates everywhere, people living in Adelante’s homes participate in running errands, going grocery shopping, making meals, and cleaning the house. Of course, everyone has different abilities and everyone helps in his or her own way. Transportation is available at all the houses to make sure the residents can get to work or educational environments. People also go on outings for entertainment, with the roommates working as a family unit to choose group activities. Adelante also supports individuals by providing transportation and staffing support when one person wants to go to a particular event or on a particular vacation.

For more detail information on this program or other Adelante residential programs, return to the Residential Services page and contact Adelante’s Residential Services Director for your community. 

Adelante has several openings in our Community Living program, to find out more about these openings visit our Current Residential Openings page.