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Adelante Mailing & Fulfillment Center is one of Adelante’s social enterprises, a business that provides quality business services while providing employment for people with disabilities. We offer a full range of mailing, custom packaging and fulfillment services to meet your needs – whether that’s someone to assemble products, a partner to help with stuffing promotion bags or sales kits, or some mailing expertise. Some of the services we offer include:

Full Service Mailing
  • Intelligent Bar Code and Addressing (Maximizes Savings)
  • Pre-sort Standard (Bulk Mail)
  • First Class
  • Personalized Correspondence
  • Mailing Piece Design Consultation
Targeted Local/National Mailing Lists
  • Demographic Breakouts
  • Business or Consumer Lists
  • Customer Targetting (by Zip Code, Income Level, and More)
  • List Clean Up (De-Duping/National Change of Address)
Fulfillment & Packaging by Hand and Machine
  • Product Storage & Fulfillment
  • Collating Sales Kits, Convention Bags, or Benefit Kits
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Poly-bagging/Heat sealing
  • Custom Hand Assembly
Adelante has over 25 years of experience providing quality mailing & fulfillment services to businesses throughout the Albuquerque metro area.  Adelante takes pride in providing fast and affordable options business large and small, and government entities.

Adelante offers comprehensive start to finish services – reviewing your mailing to offer tips on designs that will save postage, developing a targeted mailing list, cleaning your list through the National Change of Address (NCOA) registry, then folding collating and mailing your piece in a timely and cost-effective way. Using our print brokering service will allow you to hand off your job even earlier and take advantage of great printing prices.

Adelante’s extensive knowledge of U.S. Postal Service regulations ensures that your mailing pieces are getting the best postal rates and meet all USPS rules for tabbing and weight. Plus, we continually upgrade equipment so we can handle very large volumes of mail – up to 350,000 pieces per month. Adelante is the largest employer in the bulk mail industry in New Mexico. We can handle labor-intensive custom projects with unique folds and multi-sized inserts. We consistently meet and exceed customer’s expectations for quality by strictly adhering to quality assurance standards and processes, and confidentiality is rigorously maintained.

Adelante has a variety of packaging and shrink-wrapping equipment as well as a workforce that can handle custom handwork – enabling us to handle nearly any type of packaging or fulfillment job. Adelante can process very large volumes of contract work or small custom jobs while consistently meeting commitments for deadlines and quality.

For more than 25 years, Adelante has been providing quality services to local, regional, and national businesses. We have the ability to order and manage inventory for our customers, and handle inventory control for your contract packaging needs. This includes inventory storage and managing your shipping needs. Adelante offers a broad range of services from large, automated packaging contracts with hundreds of thousands of pieces to small hand-intensive custom work.

Adelante has an experienced team that cares about our customers and pays attention to details. We have more helping hands than our competitors (over 100 employees), allowing us to meet your needs, whether that’s quick deadlines or ongoing projects. Adelante has an award-winning track record you can count on. Our new location, where these lines of business are co-located, allows us to shift our focus and team members from one area to another with ease. Finally, you can feel good about doing business with us. The Mailing & Fulfillment Center is a social enterprise of Adelante Development Center, a local nonprofit agency. We operate with a dual mission – to provide high-quality business services while providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. 

For more information about working with Mailing & Fulfillment Center visit or or to get a quote, contact:
Martha Mondragon Guerin
FAX:  505.883.0246 or or

3501 Princeton Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107

People with disabilities who work at ASAP are offered a variety of projects to work on including custom packaging, assembly projects, heat sealing, and shrink wrapping. Training and supervision is provided and no experience is necessary.

If you have a disability and would like more information about work opportunities at ASAP contact:
Paula Titzl