Hire A Person With Disabilities

Adelante cares about high unemployment rates of people with disabilities and we tackle that issue on a number of fronts. Our agency employs over 350 people with disabilities. Adelante also helps connect other local businesses to employees with disabilities.

By working with Adelante, businesses get reliable, motivated employees. Furthermore, by employing a person with a disability, businesses may qualify for wage support programs and tax credits. In return, people with disabilities are able to work and lessen their dependence on social assistance. Adelante’s EmployAbility program benefits people with disabilities, the businesses we work with, and the entire community, economically and socially.

Through Adelante’s EmployAbility program, we help local businesses:
  • Locate potential employees
  • Train the people with disabilities they hire (introductory and ongoing training are offered, so if the nature of a job changes Adelante is there to help)
  • Set up a success oriented work environment, including adaptive equipment if necessary
  • Support the employee on the job
  • Handle performance review meetings between the employee and their supervisor
  • Take advantage of wage support and the tax credits available for hiring people with disabilities
To learn more or to arrange interviews with potential employees, contact:

Melinda Garcia

If you have a disability and would like help finding or maintaining work, please get in touch with us. Adelante offers employment services and we are also an employment network for the Social Security Ticket to Work program.  (links to other pages on the site)