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People with disabilities help sort and shred paper at Adelante Document Destruction ServicesAdelante Document Destruction Services is one of Adelante’s social enterprises, a business that provides quality business services while providing employment for people with disabilities. Specifically, Adelante Document Destruction Services offers:
  • The highest security measures in New Mexico
  • Secure shredding of paper
  • Secure destruction of electronic documents
  • Hard-drive destruction
  • Recycling of x-rays
  • One-time (purge), periodic, or ongoing services
  • Walk-in services for community members (such as estate file shredding)
  • After documents are destroyed the shredded bales are shipped to paper mills in the United States where it pulped and recycled into new products

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Adelante Document Destruction Services is in the business of protecting companies from bad press, customer relations issues, and lawsuits. With identity theft on the rise, it is important to know that Adelante DDS is the only shredding business in New Mexico operating under procedures compliant with IS0 9001:2008. We are also AAA certified through the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and offer the highest security throughout the chain of custody. Most identity theft is not a result of high-tech computer hacking, but by done by criminals who get personal information from hard copy sources. These incidents happen thousands of times every day across the country.

Adelante can work with businesses to meet most destruction needs, from one-time to ongoing services. So whether you have a huge campus site and need high-security bins picked up weekly from multiple offices or if you need a monthly pick-up of just two or three high-security bins, Adelante can handle your job securely and effectively. We also can crush hard-drives and take care of walk in customers who have just a few boxes of documents that need to be shredded.

Adelante Document Destruction Services is not a one-size-fits-all business. We can meet with you, do an appraisal of your locations and needs, and come up with a competitive price. Pick-up in our locked trucks is part of the service and all documents are recycled after shredding.

Our offices are in downtown Albuquerque, but DDS offers ongoing service to businesses throughout New Mexico. If you are a regional or national business, we can meet your needs as a provider through the Secure Document Alliance.

We offer security assessments at no obligation, and free quotes for our services.

For more information about working with Adelante Document Destruction Services or to get a quote, visit or contact:
Map to Adelante's Secure Document Center 1618 First Street in downtown Albuquerque 
Jaymerose “JR” Lopez
FAX:  505.883.0246

Site Address & Phone Number:
Secure Document Center
1618 First Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

People with disabilities who work at Adelante Document Destruction Services sort paper, remove paper clips and bindings, help run the shredder and baler, and travel with our trucks to various sites to pick up bins of paper. Training and supervision is provided and no experience is necessary, but the ability to pass a background check is a must.

If you have a disability and would like more information about work opportunities at Adelante Document Destruction Services contact:

Paula Titzl