Assistive Equipment - Back in Use

Adelante Back in Use helps recycle assistive technology in New Mexico by taking in donations of items like wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, and communication devices and connecting those items to seniors and people with disabilities who need them. 

Fast facts about Adelante Back in Use:

  • 4,000+ pieces of Durable Medical Equipment have been collected DME devices are cleaned by Adelante then given to seniors and people with disabilities who need them.and given to New Mexico’s seniors and people with disabilities. DME includes wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, lifting or transfer systems, and hospital beds that help people maintain their independence and/or provide therapeutic benefits due to a disability, medical conditions, and/or illness. Adelante is not a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) dealer, so we cannot fill prescriptions for equipment. Back in Use sanitizes and checks equipment, but cannot do repairs. The program can only accept equipment that is still in usable condition. 
  • Jobs are provided for people with disabilities through Adelante Back in Use including picking up, sanitizing, and distributing durable medical equipment.
  • Back in Use is beneficial to our community. Medical equipment and computers are provided to people in need, which saves medical costs and helps the individuals who need these items to maintain their independence. Employment opportunities are provided for people with disabilities. Thousands of pounds of recyclable material are kept out of landfills every year and truly put “Back in Use” in our community. 
  • Adelante Back in Use provides equipment for people who need it, almost entirely free of charge to the end user, so donations of equipment and funds are crucial for this service to continue. 
Visit to donate assistive devices or get connected to something you need. Back in Use is a win-win situation for the community, because items that were formerly sitting unused in spare bedrooms and garages can now benefit others in the community. Plus recycling is gaining momentum nationally as a cost-saving way to get people the items they need. 

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This program was started and continues to be funded through New Mexico Technology Assistance Program as part of a federal initiative to save costs and recycle assistive devices, and to get people with disabilities back into the workforce. 

The Back In Use logo is a registered service mark of Adelante Development Center, Inc. and cannot be used without the express written permission of the agency.