About Adelante

Adelante is the Spanish word for “forward”, which describes our philosophy. Too many people with disabilities do not have the opportunity to make choices in their lives--where to work, where to live, or with whom to socialize. Adelante helps people push past social barriers and stereotypes, set goals, and achieve them.

Adelante is also known for moving forward, through innovation and growth. In fact, we have grown approximately 15% every year since the beginning of the agency. Today, we support people with mental and physical disabilities, seniors, disabled veterans, and people with traumatic brain injuries.

We offer diverse services including employment, residential, and day services that have been developed to meet the needs and goals of the people we support.

Adelante Facts

  • Adelante was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1978 and continues to work as a nonprofit agency supporting people with a variety of disabling conditions. Today, we support nearly 1000 people primarily in Bernalillo, Sandoval, and Valencia Counties. We offer employment sites throughout New Mexico, as far north as Taos and as far south as Artesia and Las Cruces.
  • Adelante is one of the larger and most diverse nonprofits in the state and among the top 10 non-governmental employers in New Mexico. We have over 850 people on our payroll including approximately 350 people with disabilities.
  • Adelante is a nonprofit 501c3 organization, so donations to our agency are tax deductible and help us achieve our mission on behalf of people with disabilities and seniors across New Mexico. 
  • Adelante provides comprehensive training to our teams and other agencies that support people with disabilities; that go above and beyond the state’s requirements.
  • Adelante is focused on offering quality programs and running businesses that offer both value and high quality. The agency has pursued and won quality awards in the disabilities field as well as certifications and awards that are more widely recognized in the business world.
  • Adelante’s operating budget comes from Medicaid, state and federal grants, private contributions and the revenue generated by our social enterprises. Our website offers secure online donations. You can help support our mission by using our business services, shopping or donating at our thrift stores, or donating adaptive equipment.
  • Adelante is governed by a board of directors made up of civic-minded business people, parents, and guardians. The agency’s operational leadership includes hundreds of years of experience in the field of disabilities.