Desert Harvest Food Rescue

Jim Knutson, Desert Harvest Manager and an Adelante client drop off food at a local nonprofit agency and serves people in need.
Desert Harvest was started in 2001 to address two needs –- to alleviate hunger in central New Mexico and to provide volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities. Today, the program recovers over 4.1 million meals per year!

Desert Harvest fights hunger in an incredibly cost-effective way, by making use of an existing but under-utilized food source: surplus food from restaurants, hotels, schools, and supermarkets that would otherwise be thrown away. At just 4 cents per meal, the program is considered one of the most efficient food recovery programs in the nation! The donated food gets delivered to 19 area agencies that provide meals to people in need. 

Currently, over 70 restaurants, grocers, hotels, food distributors, schools, and caterers donate their over-run food to Desert Harvest recipient agencies. Without Adelante's Desert Harvest program, most of that food would have ended up in landfills instead of feeding people in need. 
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Become a food donor! 

Desert Harvest continually seeks additional food-service establishments to donate their over-run or surplus food.Desert Harvest staff can work with you in determining the best schedule to pick up your surplus food. When you have over-run food, simply package and refrigerate or freeze the food you’d like to donate. Desert Harvest provides the food containers, if necessary, at no expense to you. Desert Harvest volunteers will pick up the food at your convenience and deliver it directly to a recipient agency for distribution to the hungry. To donate food, volunteer, or learn more about this award-winning food recovery program, contact:

Desert Harvest Coordinator

Financial gifts are also welcome. Just click on the "donate now" button at the top of our website. Thank you!